Once upon a time


Once upon a time little Red Riding Hood was so trusting, innocent, and sweet.  One day she met the Big Bad wolf… But he didn’t dress as a grandma…He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Big Bad bad wolf told little Red Riding Hood that he wanted to play a game of hide and go seek with her.  Little Red Riding Hood loved that game and knew how good at hiding she was.

Little Red Riding Hood tiptoed away while the Big Bad Wolf counted to ten.  She looked for a hiding spot up high and down low.  She’d never been in his house before and didn’t know her way around so she was quickly lost.  Finally she came to his bedroom and decided to hide under the covers in the Big Bad Wolf’s bed.  She giggled as she pushed pillows around herself than covered with a blanket.

She waited… She heard footsteps coming closer.  Red Riding Hood suddenly felt she shouldn’t be there.  Her eyes wheeled up with tears as she tried to process these new feelings.

The bed lowered as the Big Bad Wolf laid down.  He pulled the pillows away one at a time.  Little Red Riding Hood was frozen in fear as the Big Bad Wolf finally pulled the cover slowly down revealing Red Riding Hoods teary cheeks.

“What big eyes you have stated Red Riding Hood “and what big hands you have”.  I’m sorry Mr Wolf but I just must be going”.  The Big Bad wolf smiled a big grin and said “but we haven’t even finished our game… Time for me to hide in here with you”. Red Riding Hood couldn’t move all she could do was close her eyes and pretend to fly. From that day on little Red Riding Hood wouldn’t be able to trust another red-blooded animal and she hates the game Hide and Go seek.

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