**older poem… Not suicidal I’m all mixed up My head isn’t right I really want to die tonight The pills are calling or maybe the exhaust it’s the rope and a tree the final feeling of falling but those two… Read moreExisting

BPD need

Yell at me Scream at me Call me a bitch Don’t turn away Ignoring all of it My cuts are real You are seeing it right Please start a fight with me tonight…


A trusting prey away from her herd. A predator waiting, silently watching, not a word. She is lost and alone, a scared little one. Out of the shadows he appears so suddenly. In a calming voice he states “follow me… Read morePrey


You see me You know me and all is well You accept me You respect me and all is well You leave me You break me and all is hell…    


You said I was “the perfect one” And I believed it Can’t count how many times I let you deceive me I assumed you meant every word that you said Now I know you said what you said so you… Read moreSong

Can’t get out if bed

Today is one of those days I dread.  I’m sad, consumed in my grief.  I went to bed last night, Monday, around 5:00 p.m. and am still in bed at 2:00 p.m, Tuesday.  I’ve been asleep all but three of… Read moreCan’t get out if bed