Spoonfull of sugar

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I don’t think this handful of drugs was exactly what Mary Poppins was thinking of when she sang the lyrics. These days it takes a lot more than a spoonful… Read moreSpoonfull of sugar

Grounded Angel

I lost my wings not long ago Listening to the voices below The pain I felt As each feather was plucked out Well haunt my mind, my spirit, my soul Forever leaving shivers down my spine The open spot where my… Read moreGrounded Angel

What is Pain?

Pain is personal, individual, actual.  Pain is unique, substantial, reclusive.  Pain is subjective.  Pain is relentless.  Pain is power.  Pain is awareness.  Pain is contrary.  Pain is nothing at all and everything possible.  Pain is alive but not living.  Pain… Read moreWhat is Pain?