Spoonfull of sugar

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I don’t think this handful of drugs was exactly what Mary Poppins was thinking of when she sang the lyrics. These days it takes a lot more than a spoonful… Read moreSpoonfull of sugar

BPD need

Yell at me Scream at me Call me a bitch Don’t turn away Ignoring all of it My cuts are real You are seeing it right Please start a fight with me tonight…


A trusting prey away from her herd. A predator waiting, silently watching, not a word. She is lost and alone, a scared little one. Out of the shadows he appears so suddenly. In a calming voice he states “follow me… Read morePrey


You see me You know me and all is well You accept me You respect me and all is well You leave me You break me and all is hell…    


You said I was “the perfect one” And I believed it Can’t count how many times I let you deceive me I assumed you meant every word that you said Now I know you said what you said so you… Read moreSong

This is me

This is me… I love you so deeply but will always keep you at arms length. The second I get the feeling we aren’t happy anymore I slowly shut my emotions off and start pushing you away. This is me…… Read moreThis is me

We are all Angels

I believe we are Angels sent as warriors to endure pain humans feel that we may be empathetic in our guidance when our wings are fixed again. We are Angels with broken wings sent from Heaven to carry out our… Read moreWe are all Angels

Little girl

Little girl little girl why can’t I see all the things he did to me Big girl big girl why can’t YOU see I’m protecting you from the pain inside of me So I blind your eyes and give you… Read moreLittle girl

Bleed you out

I cut my hip again today Thinking maybe… possibly… I could bleed the hurt out I watched our memories run down my leg Like a crimson stream flowing down the side of a mountain… Our mountain… Our dreams How many… Read moreBleed you out

We are not victims

  Please do not label us as victims.  We are survivors, warriors.  We have seen evil; experienced evil in a way no person should. Calling us victims make us feel weak, passive. We are not these things.  We are strong,… Read moreWe are not victims