Can’t get out if bed

Today is one of those days I dread.  I’m sad, consumed in my grief.  I went to bed last night, Monday, around 5:00 p.m. and am still in bed at 2:00 p.m, Tuesday.  I’ve been asleep all but three of… Read moreCan’t get out if bed

What Borderline Personality Disorder Looks Like to Me

After visiting my blog you may be asking yourself… What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?   Maybe you have an idea of what this diagnosis entails.  Possibly you suffer from BPD. It’s always good to start with a professional definition.  The… Read moreWhat Borderline Personality Disorder Looks Like to Me

My Madness

  Whispers all around What are they saying Why all the frowns Are they talking about me My recent decent My fall into madness My weakness all is unpleasant Am I mad Is this what it is Have I gone… Read moreMy Madness

The Ambien Monster

Ambien is a necessary evil.  I can’t fall sleep or stay asleep without taking it.  My mind races and I often wake with nightmares.  I have tried many other sleep agents without success. Ambien is unlike any other sedative.  When… Read moreThe Ambien Monster

We are not victims

  Please do not label us as victims.  We are survivors, warriors.  We have seen evil; experienced evil in a way no person should. Calling us victims make us feel weak, passive. We are not these things.  We are strong,… Read moreWe are not victims


Do not Lay your whisper on a young ones ears for perhaps they might capture all your fears All the horrors purr through your lonely pervese lips While children coware under your evil eclipse Why would you tarnish such innocence… Read moreYou


Trigger warning and real life in your face: I’m now in recovery mode. When in this mode is when I actually “see” the damage I have done to my body.  The scars, I feel, become more noticeable.. Darker…deeper red… Like… Read moreScars