My Flightless Life

The Good, the Bad and the “what the heck is going on here?” ”

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  • Happiness or is it

    Happiness the illusion A made-up delusion A massive deception Of childish make-believe And pitfall fallacies

  • My Cause of Death

    Media is shouting “CAUSE OF DEATH WAS SUICIDE” but it wasn’t. The cause of death was Depression the manor of death was a self inflicted gun shot wound. Please stop making people with severe depression out to be criminals. Let him rest in peace and give his family time to mourn. I’m not a writer…

  • Another Fight

    I pushed back the thoughts that told me no and shook off screams that yelled stop. I ignored the images that replayed the most self-destructive night in my head. Sitting here alone drinking my prize and my poison fucking up all the process I’ve made? Every swallow rewards one area while demolishing another. What a…